High speed PVC doors


Consists of coiled PVC sheet, reinforced by a network of sections, with a total thickness ranging from 1,2 mm to 1,5 mm. The surface of the sheet is divided with horizontal aluminium bars to provide resistance against high wind loads without affecting the coiling of the sheet. Available colours that exist in permanent deposit are: blue (RAL 5010), orange (RAL2004), yellow (RAL 1023). There is a possibility to be constructed in other colours.

The transparent PVC can be placed in any part of the construction. It is less durable than the opaque, especially when it operates at low temperatures. The proposed height of visible panel is about 160 cm above the floor. The width of this section is 55 centimetres so as to present fewer problems and cover most needs in terms of visibility. In any case we recommend avoiding this visible panel if it is not really essential.


Power supply: 220 V AC 16
Operating frequency: 50 Hz

The electrical board regulates the operation of electric motor. It provides smooth operation at the raising, the lowering and the changing of movement direction of the door. This is very useful to protect all the mechanical parts that supply motion to the door. It also provides to the system additional external electromagnetic braking. Control of the door is achieved with only one contact. Thus the door operates with 4 distinct and adjustable speeds, namely:

  1. Asceding speed
  2. Termination speed of ascent
  3. Descending speed
  4. Termination speed of descent

All 4 speeds can be regulated by the customer from the electrical board. The acceleration, deceleration and electronic braking can be regulated separately. The electric board has various operating programs but 2 are proposed by us: a) opening, closing and stopping with a single push of button like an automatic door functions, b) only opening by instantaneous pressing the button and close automatically after an interval of time which is easily defined by the manual regulator located over the board.

The transition from one program to another is very simple and easy. On the board of the door there are LED indicator lights that give information on various items and activities of the door. The electric board has a contact for shutdown in case of emergency (total stop) and accepts all types of motion detectors. It also has a pair of industrial photocells, which are placed compulsory on the door beams and an incorporated remote system with rolling codes and steady transfer frequency of information, suitable for industrial conditions.

A light emitter is mounted over the metallic electrical board, that indicates all movements of the door as well as its retention at the top position, when the door is open and will close in a given period. There is a possibility, if it is desired, to place more light emitters.


The sheet metal of all the metallic parts of the door e.g. beams, drivers, metal box, electrical box is hot-dipped galvanised and externally coated with electrostatic polyester paint having a thickness of 110 micrometers and coarse texture.


The factory setting is 1,25 m / s, if the customer feels that the speed needs to be changed it can intervene by pushing 2 arrows in the control panel of the board. This will allow him to increase the speed until an additional 20% and if it is desired to reduce it down to 60%. For speed changes beyond these limits you should contact the factory for further instructions and for obtaining the corresponding password. Finally in case of power interruption or failure of the door, the door can operate manually with a handle (there are instructions). The most important advantage of this structure is that in case of failure of the door, the section that includes the electronic board and all the mechanical parts is easily disassembled and replaced in minimum time with a new one, having the old to be sent in for repair in our plant. It is worth noting that, all choices of materials in type and size for the above construction are proposed by us. There is possibility to modify some of them according to the needs and the desires of the client.