Automatic barriers

Automate barriers

Automate barriers – are designed to ensure closing and opening access to parking spaces and places with car access.


  • It consists of an internally galvanized box 41 × 100 × 34 (width x height x depth). Externally it can be electrostatically painted with the color of your choice.
  • The door of the box is secured with external lock.
  • The motion is propelled by a three-phase motor.
  • The supply of the device uses single-phase current.
  • Is it possible to process the current. In the event of power interruption there is an easy and functional system of disengagement that allows the beam to move manually.
  • A pressure spring balances the weight of the beam.
  • The maximum speed of raising is 3” (note that the speed can be adjusted according to the selection of the operator).
  • When the beam approaches the motion limits, it reduces speed resulting in smooth operation.
  • The construction carries a shock absorber for assuring smooth motion.
  • Different programs regarding the opening the bar (automate closing etc)
  • Maximum length of beam: 7.5 meters
  • Beam material: aluminum with reflective indicators and stop and calculated fracture limit so as not to cause injury in case of operative failure.
  • When the bar is closed the beam is fitted on a special bracket located opposite the device of the bar.
  • Unlimited possibility of openings.
  • Construction weight: 90 kilograms.

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