One piece collapsible roller shutters



  • It is a method used to cover very large exposures where it is impossible to use a single over-dimensional roller shutter. In this case the opening is divided into three (3) or more vertical sections and the roller shutters used to cover the opening have respective dimensions.
  • The philosophy of manufacturing the individual industrial roller shutters is exactly the same as that of industrial roller shutters used for all openings.
  • The support of the roller shutters and of all segments is done at the top of the opening. Drivers of the outermost roller shutters are firmly tied up in the building. The common drivers of intermediate roller shutters have the opportunity to move horizontally and along the opening so that they are in strictly defined position when the opening will close in order to smoothly lower all the roller shutters.
  • When the door is completely open the mobile drivers are located at the edge of the opening along with the fixed guides so as not to consume useful space.
  • At the bottom of the base of the roller shutters there is a horizontal scissor consisting of two horizontal beams separated by 32 cm. At the bottom of the beams 2 drivers are welded within which special double wheels move.
  • The wheels are based on a specific metal trolley which is equipped with an electric motor, a special control panel and system of stop-switches. On this trolley there is a mobile driver. The wheels of the trolley are positioned in such distances so that the driver is maintained completely vertical during the motion and is not allowed to move in any direction other than the direction of the specific course that is determined electrically. We remind that the device has 2 identical systems which means 2 mobile drivers.
  • The movement of drivers is achieved and controlled at the same time with the help of electric devices. Consequently the system does not allow the descent of the roller shutters if the drivers are not come in the right position, ensuring thus the smooth lowering of the roller shutters. In this position, which is the position of descent, the drivers automatically lock and stabilize on the floor with the help of special bracket that has suitable dimensions and shape so as not to prevent the movement of vehicles. When the roller shutters are completely closed, they secure the mobile drivers. The system can function in various ways so as to operate the roller shutters either simultaneously or separately.
  • In some cases this is one of the most important advantages of the device.

Finally we cite the advantages of this device in respect of the uniform over-dimensional roller shutters.

  1. The collapsible roller shutters can cover very large exposures without restriction to the width of openings while over-dimensional shutters have a certain limit of opening that can cover.
  2. The transfer of collapsible roller shutters is easier and safer than in over-dimensional ones.
  3. The safety coefficient of collapsible roller shutters is multiple times higher than that of the equivalent over-dimensional.
  4. Repair of any provision of collapsible roller shutters is very easy and similar to that of industrial roller shutters in contrast to that of over-dimensional.
    A typical example: In case of damage of the roller shutter in order to repair the failure it is necessary to change the section and a special truck transport is required. This demand not exist in collapsible roller shutters.
  5. The power supply for moving of over-dimensional roller shutters is high. In the collapsible shutters it may be smaller because they can operate separately.
  6. The collapsible roller shutters can be painted in any color and any tint in contrast with the over-dimensional where the painting is impossible.
  7. In case of a power interruption the collapsible roller shutters can open manually as all industrial roller shutters. Because of excess weight it is impossible to open manually the over-dimensional shutters without the presence of electricity.
  8. Finally the most important advantage of collapsible roller shutters is their resistant to high wind loads. In contrast the hooks of the over-dimensional roller shutters can block the vertical drivers of the roller shutter under conditions of strong winds. Potential movement of the roller shutter with the help of the motor could lead to irreparable damage of the hooks or of the profile of the roller shutter.