Dock Leveller Aprons

Dock Leveller Aprons


  • It has a very strong mobile dock with a total length of 400 mm, much longer than most of the available products in the market. The material is steel St 75 with 15 mm thickness.
  • The joints are all open-ended, strong and suitable for oxidant products e.g. salt, chemicals, etc.
  • The electric board has control system for monitoring asymmetry and succession phases and safety system to prevent electric shock.
  • The construction is self-supported and fully certified in our lab thus forming a double metal support that is independent from the ramp.


  • Advantage in the panel because they have thermal interruption and a powerful sheet metal inside the polyurethane where the hinges are screwed offering thus great strength.
  • Panoramic uncrushable window with great visibility and high strength.
  • Pulleys in the hydraulic system have closed type ball bearings, unlike those available in the market, which are simple plastic pillow blocks.
  • The rolling wheels of the door have closed self-lubricating industrial type ball-bearings.
  • There is possibility for fitting at any point of the driver and at any angle, so that we have the best possible result in terms of opening the door in relation to the internal architecture of the building.


The frame consists of complex heavy duty aluminum profiles, resulting in very high rigidity but at the same time keeping high aesthetics. External screws, etc. are not distinguished.



Consists of 3 metal sections:

  • The 1st metal section is the central frame support, which is firmly connected with the static parts of the building.
  • The 2nd metal section is the largest part of the bridge. It is mobile and is connected with joints to the fixed part.
  • The 3rd metal section is the ancillary equipment of the bridge. It is mobile and is connected with mechanical joints to the large movable part of the bridge.
  • The construction is rigid and has capacity of carrying higher than 6 tonnes dynamic loads and 10 tons of static loads.
  • The moving parts use single energy hydraulic bottles and it is possible to stop the construction in any location.
  • The release of the pistons is achieved with the weight of the construction and the free flow of oil through a special control valve.
  • The speed of release and the pressure of oil are controlled by specific regulators at the hydraulic assembly.
  • The hydraulic assembly uses a three-phase motor which is located at the lower part of the construction.
  • It operates with a central control panel which is based at the bottom of the construction. The control buttons are located in the column of the building, where the cargos are entering.
  • On each side of the large mobile section of the bridge there are metal mobile tongues to protect those who stand close to the bridge.
  • The height of construction is 60 cm and can lower 40 cm or raise 60 cm from the null position.
  • The color of the construction may be of your choice. Our proposal for high design and good visibility is to paint the whole system in black, while keeping the small mobile part in orange RAL2004.