Sectional industrial overhead doors with insulation

Sectional industrial overhead doors with insulation

The main features of the segmental sectional sections are:

  • Highest aestetics
  • High water resistance
  • Weight incorporating waterways resistance to wind class-4
  • High resistance to mechanical demages


The door consists of a side system of guides that have a special block at the end of which there is aluminium profile with double brushes for full sealing. For the movement of the door idlers a specially configured driver is firmly connected at the sheathing of this guide. With the approval of the customer and taking into consideration his needs, the bottom part of the special driver can be further processed so as to follow the highest point of the building and fit perfectly to the internal geometry of the building leading to a complete ergonomic result without any noticeable change in the total cost. .


  • The lifting system consists of a single driver axis that gives movement to special barrel rings. A strong lifting belt is wrapped in the sides of the barrel rings.
  • A special electric brake motor – reducer of industrial standards is transmitting the motion to the shaft via chain sprocket and chain pulleys..
  • The rotation of the shaft and the lowering of the door are protected by a centrifugal accelerator which is considered the most reliable solution.
  • The industrial board has electrical control system for monitoring asymmetry and succession phases during the motion. The control is achieved with the use of button or key-switcher while there is possibility to easily connect remote receiver and photocells. The controls buttons operate with low voltage 24 V for safety of personnel.


  • The panels consist of sheet metal 0,60 mm and are filled with polyester which is welded with special polyurethane glue of 55 kgr/m3 density. They bear specific joints along their edges as well as special longitudinal reinforcement with additional sheet where the hinges are screwed.
  • At the edges of the panels special parts are fitted for the covering of polyurethane. In order to reinforce the joints along and between fasteners special reinforced foamy rubber seal is inserted.
  • The panel at the bottom bears a special rubber groove which at the edges has specific suspension points with incorporated protection system in case of fall and automatic locking system, patent of our company.
  • The panel located in the upper section of the door is carrying a special rubber seal.


It consists of aluminium frame, connected with special joints so that they formed a single panel whose edges are identical to the other panels and fully consistent with the construction creating thus a large visible part. The fitting of the window with the other parts is excellent with full sealing.

Sectional industrial overhead doors with insulation


  1. The structure is entirely composed of industrial materials with high standards. It is self-supported and suitable for industrial use.
  2. The motion is transmitted through a driving belt and not with cables.
    So we have:
    High resistance to loads, six times of the corresponding devices with cables.
    Zero wear, unlimited lifetime.
  3. We do not use springs that are perishable and dangerous with respect to the safety of staff and the numerous problems that can be created.
  4. It is the only device with automatic locking unlike the existing competition, where the locking is done manually with a bolt.
  5. The uncontrollable fall of the door is prevented firstly by the use of centrifugal accelerator at the driving shaft and secondly by using special automatic locking mechanisms located at both ends of the bottom door panels.
  6. The manual operation is achieved with a system of chains – chain hoist, which reaches the height of the hands of the operator. The system has the ability to be removed for security reasons.



The casket and the jamb of the pass-door consist of aluminum profiles. The opening, closing and locking of the pass-door is identical to that of a common type heavy duty aluminum doors with all the necessary rubber sealing. In this case a hydraulic mechanism of automatic closing of the pass-door is mandatory. The opening and closing of the pass-door is achieved with 8 hinges located on the aluminum profiles of the door. The surface of the pass-door is divided into horizontal sections like the sectional door. For this purpose the aluminum profiles are separated by special high-strength plastic blocks, so that they interlock when the door is completely closed. This reinforces the rigidity of the pass-door. The pass-door also follows the movements and divisions that are formed from the panels of the sectional door.



The manual operation is achieved through a worm chain where a system of pulleys-chain hoist- rotates. This system is operating automatically when the chain is pulled and moves the roller shutter while at the same time every electrical activity is stopped. The system automatically reverts to electric mode when we simply let the chain and the indicator is lighted. Maximum capacity of elevation 5 tones. The transmission of motion is vertical.