Garage roller shutters

Garažna rolo vrata

Garage roller doors are made of steel-coated profiles. There are several types of steel profiles (lamellas) that are used for making garage roller doors so that in addition to 4 types of single steel lamellas, there are also 2 types of thermo-insulated steel blades depending on dimensions, ie, door width.

Vertical guides, ie sliders that slide the roller shutters are made of a galvanized plasticized profile and contain aluminum double-channel brush strokes that enable silent operation and at the same time prevent the penetration of external atmospheric influences.

Advantages of the new generation of garage roller shutters:

  • They have solid structures,
  • they have only a sustainable construction in their pillars that guarantee quick and easy installation, which reduces the loss of space on both sides of the roller shutter,
  • thereby contributing to the high esthetics system with good insulation and safe operation,
  • it is possible to dismantle the construction and transport it to the other position very easily , cheaply and without damage.

Supplied in all electrostatic paints. They provide full protection because they have high bending of the module. Provide perfect security, but not complete visibility. They are delivered in all colors and many patterns.

Garage roller shutters